Online Banking Security & Site Disclaimer

Online Banking Security

Plaza Bank recognizes that delivering online banking services requires a solid security framework that protects you and our institutional data from outside intrusion. We are committed to working with our Internet, information technology, and communications service providers to produce the safest operating environment possible for our customers.

Plaza Bank requires the use of a Personal Identification Number and a Password to use our Online Banking services. To deter unauthorized login attempts, the Online Banking system will lock the user out after three unsuccessful attempts. We have taken precautions to offer you an Online Banking system that is protected; however, it is your responsibility to keep your Online Password and Personal Identification Number, Account Numbers and personal identification information confidential. To that end, we highly recommend that you:

  • Do not reveal your Password to anyone.
  • Do not write down your Password.
  • Change your password regularly.
  • Do not allow your browser to automatically save your Password.
  • Do not leave you computer unattended during an Online Banking session.
  • Log out of the Online Banking System when you are finished with your Online Banking session.

Plaza Bank has a site certificate by VeriSign that authenticates the identity of the Bank. This site certificate ensures that you are communicating with Plaza Banks website and not an impostor. When you use Online Banking all communications are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). In order to provide this protected environment we require that you use a browser with a minimum of 128-bit encryption. Encryption is the scrambling of information transmitted between two points. Encrypted information cannot be decoded until it has reached its destination; this further protects your privacy.

Plaza Bank uses temporary session cookies on its website to enable the Bank to secure your Online Banking activities and to enhance the performance of Plaza Banks website. The cookies store unique session identifiers that allow the website to recognize when page requests come from users who have securely logged into Online Banking. Once you leave the Plaza Bank website, the temporary cookie expires and is deleted from your computer.

Although your internet browser may allow you to reject cookies, Plaza Banks website require its users to accept all cookies in order for the websites features and security mechanisms to function fully.

Plaza Bank collects and keeps the content of all electronic communication sent to the Bank in addition to contact addresses and the Banks responses. This enables Plaza Bank to monitor its response to requests and questions. Electronic communication to Plaza Bank should be used for inquires that are not sensitive or confidential as regular, non-encrypted Internet electronic mail (the electronic mail Plaza Bank uses on most of its website) is not secure. If Plaza Bank requires information other than an individuals name, address, electronic mail address, and telephone number, the Bank may contact the individual by telephone for further information.

Site Disclaimer

Plaza Bank has made every effort to provide accurate and reliable information on its website. Please be aware that due to the possibility of human and mechanical errors, as well as other factors, Plaza Bank is not responsible for errors and omissions contained on its website.

All information contained on Plaza Banks website is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. Plaza Bank makes no representations and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties to users or any third parties, including but not limited to, warranties as to accuracy, timeliness, completeness, merchantability, or fitness for any purpose. The content of Plaza Banks website may not be used for any commercial or non-commercial use without the Banks express written consent.

Plaza Bank will not be liable under any circumstances to users of Plaza Banks website or third parties for indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages incurred as a result of using the website, even if Plaza Bank is advised of the possibility of such damages prior to such use.

Plaza Banks website may include access to external websites, known as "links". Please note that Plaza Bank is not associated with and has no control over the content or information contained in such links and, therefore, is not responsible for any such links or external websites. Plaza Bank does not endorse, promote, or sanction these links or external websites. Plaza Bank has provided the links solely for the convenience of users of Plaza Banks website, and not as a service to such users. The content or information contained in such links or external websites is the sole responsibility of the authors and or owners of such content or information.